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Modern Impressionism-In-Action
with Colley Whisson
Thursday - Sunday, August 17 - 20, 2017
Cost: $650

Colley will ensure that each student has the fundamentals to produce paintings with powerful light effects, loose brushwork and a sensitivity to our subject. Colley will be focusing his attention on tone, composition, brushwork, color saturation and paying special attention to the importance of edges. Colley will employ a step-by-step process allowing all students the best chance to see the way a painting is constructed. His workshop will be conducted in a positive and uplifting manner. Students of ALL skill levels in OIL & ACRYLIC are welcome.


Thursday, August 17th
Landscape (bring a 9” x 12” canvas)
We will be taking inspiration from the countryside today. We will start with a loosely painted landscape employing touches of abstraction while still maintaining a realistic image.

Friday, August 18th
Interior (bring a 11” x 14” canvas)
First We will begin our journey into the wonderful world of interior. Beginning with a controlled block-in; we will then start to search for quality darks. Interiors require a contrast of loose to tight edges while still maintaining a single focal point.

Saturday, August 19th
City Scene (bring a 9” x 12” canvas)
We will be tackling and searching to simplify the complex detail of an urban scene. This will be a great opportunity to test ourselves on how we balance tight brushwork and broad simplification.

Sunday, August 20th
Seascape (bring a 9” x 12” canvas)
Plein-Air weather permitting
Our final day is a fun day by the water. We will take a simple subject and turn it into a work of art. Remember “It is not what we paint but how we paint it.”

Colley Whisson
I was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1966. I grew up in semi rural surrounds which gave me an appreciation for nature and the outdoors, enjoying every opportunity I’ve been given to study and appreciate its nuances. In 1985 I had a brief stint as a picture framer which I now look back upon as an excellent introduction to the art world as a young adult.

After giving me all the necessary fundamentals required in becoming an artist my father Eric encouraged and guided my early artistic direction.

I have long believed “It’s not what you paint but how you paint it.” With this in the fore-front of my mind I’ve dedicated myself to developing my skills to the highest level possible. I’m aiming to tell a visual story with clarity and sophistication but I am also driven to distort and abstract the image as much as possible while still maintaining a realistic image. Being in high demand to hold exhibitions, tutoring appointments, judging and demonstrations in Australia and abroad I look forward and have relished every opportunity. I am happy to carry the tag as one of Australia’s finest young Impressionist painter’s. With books, magazine articles and demonstration DVD’s to my credit I feel that I have begun to make my mark in the Art World.

My aim is to share my knowledge and joy of painting with like-minded artist’s world-wide. Throughout my career I have been blessed to be able to share this wonderful artistic journey with my wife and my two young sons. This journey is ongoing and I look forward to each time I return to my easel.

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