Mitchell Albala – Essentials of Composition for Representational Painters

Instructor: Mitch Albala (Class Completed)
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Here are some images from this workshop

Instructor: Mitch Albala
Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors or Pastels

For many artists, composition remains the most elusive area of their practice. Why? Because its energies are fundamentally abstract and often hidden beneath the surface of the painting. The goal of this 3-day workshop is to make the invisible visible — to discover the underlying energies that drive a composition. We will take a “real world” approach to composition by learning to work with the shapes and forces we actually see. Working from both photographs and life, with practical exercises, ongoing critiques, and analysis of master compositions, you will learn: how value differences are used to identify the shapes a composition is built upon; the essential principle of intervals; the power of the “picture window” in selection and arrangement; movement and directional energy; and how to activate negative space. Principles like balance, rhythm, unity, and variation are explored, but only as they apply to “real world” representational problems. This workshop is not landscape-specific and is open to all genres (landscape, figurative, still life) and all media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastel).