Darrell Anderson- Mining Your Core: Advanced Painting Techniques, Tuesdays, Oct 15-Nov 26, 2019


For the experienced painter:  Mining your Core 

Originally I was going to call this course ‘Finding your Voice’ but soon realized that the concept goes much deeper than what we usually think of about ‘voice’.  We all accept and recognize that written signatures are individually unique.  Using the tools of shape, value, color, texture (and so on) I believe we can create artistic expressions in paint that are possibly even more unique than our written signatures.  Through a series of warm up exercises, discussions and lots of painting,  I want to conduct a course that helps us mine our artistic cores, expand our creative options and move us closer to personal expression.  I think it will be a fun process.  Sort of a Van Gogh meets Yoda.

Suggested for the experienced painter in oil, acrylic, gouache or casein.

Tuesdays Oct 15-Nov 26, 2019 9:30am-1:30pm

No class Tuesday, Nov 5

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