Amy Scherer (Huddleston)- Figurative Painting from Photographic Reference: 3-Day Workshop, July 11- 13, 2019


July 11- 13, 2019

We will work up figurative paintings with simple, yet, effective compositions primarily sourced from photographs. Any other
reference you would like to use is welcomed. Editing, layering, scraping back, redrawing to alter our compositions are some
of the processes we will use. Students will work on small (9×12 to 11×14) panels, either working up multiple paintings or, editing one. Both are effective means to a better understanding of the process.
A very effective exercise, which will demonstrate how flawed our perception can be is, to make a painting using only comparative (eyeballing/thumb and pencil) measuring, then, working on top of that piece, we will use actual measuring using dividers. This exercise helps to demonstrate how close, or far off, we are from the actual size shape relationships.
We will survey the work of notable painters to stimulate and develop our own approach to painting. Students can work towards realism, representational and or abstraction.
All mediums welcome. The teacher will be using acrylics and open acrylics and demos will be from photographs.
I try to have a disarming approach to teaching (and painting). I do not lecture but, instead, engage students in fluid conversations that, explore ideas in painting. I favor the “free play” over a “step by step” approach. We learn best when we are relaxed and fearless.

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