Color and Light in Acrylics — Making Color Work For You with Dianna Shyne, Feb 8-9, 2020


It is said that in painting, values do all the work and color gets all the credit. Without values, your painting has no form or structure, but color is the heart and soul…the mood and emotion of your paintings.

This is so much more than a color theory workshop… Consider it your color creating powerhouse.

Join award winning artist, Dianna Shyne in this exciting and fast paced two day workshop. Explore the relationship between color and light, and learn how to bring more mood and emotion to your paintings through color harmony. You will be taken step by step through a series of lessons and exercises that will enhance your knowledge and skill in the art of color choice and color mixing. Dianna deciphers the art of color mixing and presents it to you in easy to practice tools.

Struggling with muddy color, garish greens, not enough nuance? Unrelated colors can ruin the effect of your painting. This workshop takes you into the essence of color theory and beyond.

We will also cover
Color Theory and beyond
Gorgeous Color harmonies
Mix the exact color you want in four easy steps.
Manage your mixtures so you can recreate them whenever you want.
Turn your palette into a powerful painting machine.
Getting the most out of your acrylic paint.
Paint, Color and emotion

Gentle Critique
Plenty of time to explore and paint.

Dianna’s workshops are always fun, friendly and very informative.

Materials List to be provided. (Acrylics only, no oil paints nor water-soluble oils will be usable in this class)

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