David Lobenberg-“On-the-Go” Sketch and Wash in Plein Air, 4-Day Workshop, August 19-22, 2019


Monday-Thursday, August 19-22, 2019


Talk about something that is super-duper compact for easy travel and affords the ability to create exquisite little sketches with minimum muss or fuss, this is it!  David Lobenberg first introduced his technique to the art world in a 2006 issue of American Artist Magazine and has been teaching it around the country ever since. With a few inexpensive and highly portable art tools, you can sketch with ease around the house, around the town, or around the world! In this plein air workshop, not only will you master the “On-The-Go Sketching” technique, but also critical compositional, color, and value strategies. And since your sketches will always start out with a pencil drawing, David will be adding his six universal skill sets of drawing into the workshop.

David Lobenberg is an exciting teacher who is pure California–he goes his own way and makes a new path. No demure procedures involved: be ready to splatter, slash, and slap the color into place! The result may be color that is lifted and layered, but the natural pools and blooms of watercolor as his toolbox, not problems to overcome. He controls the headstrong behavior of watercolor into fabulously active paintings that pull the viewer up for some close-talk.

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