Elizabeth Moga- Foundational Drawing Class, Wednesdays, Oct 16-Nov 20, 2019


Foundational Drawing

Instructor: Elizabeth Moga

Wednesdays, Oct 16-Nov 20 10:30 – noon

Course description:

We will focus on basic drawing techniques. Students will learn to draw from observation using quick and sustained studies. We will use varied line and mark, to effectively render the appearance of light on objects and create the illusion of three-dimensional form. This course is for all levels and is especially helpful for students looking to improve their paintings through accurate rendering.

Course  Syllabus:

Week 1: Intro to Drawing and materials, Line Sensitivity

Week 2: Intro to Perspective

Week 3: Intro to Circles and Ellipses, Cross Contour

Week 4: Intro to Value/Tonal Structure

Week 5: Intro to Composition

Week 6: Sustained studies

Materials List

1 pad of 18×24” newsprint paper

1 pad of 18×24” white drawing paper, smooth surface (Strathmore preferred)

1 drawing board large enough to accommodate newsprint pad

Compressed charcoal sticks (at least 4 sticks total- prefer 2B, 4B)

Graphite Drawing pencils (2B, 4B)

1 kneaded rubber eraser

Pencil sharpener

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