Intermediate Painting Sophie Frieda


Intermediate Painting

Sophie Frieda

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Tuesdays, May 1-29


Level: Intermediate


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In this class, we shall be building confidence and taking your painting to the next level. We will also be focusing on strong compositions, form, value, edges and color harmony.

 I shall demonstrate my easy, fun method of making a value study, which can also be used as the start of a painting.

 Students can paint from my still life setup, as well as from a variety of subject matter using photo reference. Some printed reference of flowers, grasses and fruit will be available to use.

I encourage anyone who has a painting in progress to bring it to class, so I can help you resolve any problem areas.

Hoping you can come and join us in a friendly, relaxed and great learning atmosphere.

 Oils, water based oils and acrylics are welcome.


Supply List for Intermediate Painting class with Sophie Frieda

Winsor and Newton, Utrecht and Gamlin are all good,for oils.
Acrylic:Golden or Liquitex, or any other that you prefer.
Ultramarine blue.
Cerulean blue (or hue)
Viridian green
Sap green
Cadmium red light or napthol red light or equivalent
Alizarin crimson
Cadmium yellow light or hansa yellow light
Cadmium yellow deep or hansa yellow deep
Yellow ochre
Burnt umber
Burnt sienna
Titanium white.
Hog bristle: filbert,sizes 2/4/6/8
bright or flat, sizes 4/6/8/10/12
Round,sizes 2/4
Rigger size 0 (this will be a synthetic hair brush)
Brushes are quite a personal choice, some may prefer to use synthetic or nylon,
particularly with acrylics, which are fine too.
Palette, paper or other preferably approx 12×18
Linseed oil
Small containers for gamsol and linseed oil
Container for washing brushes, preferably with lid
Paper towel/blue shop towel
Canvas Boards or stretched canvas
Reference photos if desired.