Mitch Albala- Abstracting the Landscape, 2-Day Workshop, October 19 & 20, 2019


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Mitch Albala- Abstracting the Landscape
Saturday & Sunday, October 19 & 20, 2019
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The natural world, with its rich diversity of substance, color, and atmosphere, is an ideal vehicle with which to explore abstraction. We know abstraction when we see it, but how do we actually make it happen in our paintings? How do we shift away from a traditional representational viewpoint? In this workshop, we’ll explore the four methods of “inducing” abstraction. You’ll learn that abstraction is not an “anything-goes” approach. It is built on on the same formal requirements that representational painting is: shape, value, color, composition, movement, etc. In an abstract approach, however, these formal or “aesthetic” qualities take priority over narrative content. Using photographs as a launching point, you’ll do several paintings which, while maintaining some foothold in discernible content, will bring greater attention to the aesthetic experience.
Media: Oil, acrylic and pastel painters
Level: Intermediate to advanced. (This is not a workshop for first-time painters (those who have never painted or mixed color at all).

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