Ray Roberts- Plein Air Sketch to Studio Painting, 3-Day Workshop, June 24-26, 2019


June 24-26,2019
Intermediate to Advanced.

This workshop will be about efficiency in collecting field sketches and converting them to studio paintings. With their fresh field sketches in hand, students will be painting in the studio, combining the color from the field with the information from their cameras. Students will be working with both to produce studio pieces where all aspects of this process will be condensed and consolidated: color, design, drawing, and personal expression.

In the studio, it’s all about design! You’ve gathered all the information in the field, now it’s time to edit. Ray’s approach is to make a visual statement. Successful studio painting requires adequate information of your subject with accurate color and value and supporting elements. Ray will walk you through your ideas and assist you with your approach and strategy.

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