Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, Painting with Emphasis on Light and Color: Still Life, Figures and Landscapes, Sept 3-5, 2019


Sunny Apinchapong-Yang
Painting with Emphasis on Color and Light
3-Day Workshop
September 3-5, 2019


This workshop will emphasize capturing and understanding the variety of light through color relationships. By doing so, the local colors such as flesh tones (on models) will be eliminated. The same principles apply to all subjects.  Still life is always the best subject for learning about color relationships and constructing planes.  The knowledge and drawing skills are essential in portraitures, not only to capture the likeness.  The light source is the main influence on all subjects. This will help to set up the harmony, mood, and atmosphere. This workshop will also focus on composition, design, and the art of setting up a still-life. Throughout the week, students will have the option to work from models (if available), still-life and landscapes. Weather permitting, the class will be outdoors; otherwise,­­ we will work in the studio from provided references on a TV monitor.


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