Scott Conary (Class completed)
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Every painting, even the humble still life, has a story in it. It’s told by what subject we choose to paint, how we present that subject, and how we paint it. Finding what interests us in a subject and how we connect to it drives that story, and directs how the painting is made. We’ll work on small still life paintings to explore the process—from thumbnail sketches, lighting the subject, considerations of composition, to the application of paint to build form with light, color and mark. We will walk the line between technique and intuition, using the still life as a way to explore paint, and why we make art.

Instructor: Scott Conary
Here are some images from this workshop.


A palette including the following colors (or your preferred substitute) plus any additional colors you enjoy:
•  White (Titanium or Titanium/Zinc White)
•  Black
•  Yellow Ochre or Gold Ochre
•  Burnt Sienna
•  Burnt Umber
•  Ultramarine Blue
•  Cadmium Red, Naphthol Red, or Scarlet Lake
•  Cadmium Yellow (medium or light) or Hansa Yellow

•  Brushes: A set of brushes, hog or synthetic, including sizes 2, 6, 8, and 10, or equivalent. Brights or Flats preferred.
•  Painting knife (equivalent to Dick Blick #44 or #6, Loew Cornell #12)

•  Drawing Pencil
•  Eraser
•  Sketch pad
•  Rags or Paper Towels (blue shop towels work well)
•  Palette (disposable or wooden)
•  Two containers with lids for solvent. (glass or metal)
•  One small container for medium

•  Nitrile gloves (keeps hands clean)
•  Additional painting supports (canvas, wood panels, oil painting paper)
•  Easel (if you have one available – these will be small paintings)

Instructor Provides:
•  Wood Panels
•  Painting Medium
•  Paint thinner/Brush Cleaner

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