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Supply List

Painting the Story in Still Life with Scott Conary

A palette including the following colors (or your preferred substitute) plus any additional colors you enjoy:
 •  White (Titanium or Titanium/Zinc White)
 •  Black 
 •  Yellow Ochre or Gold Ochre
 •  Burnt Sienna
 •  Burnt Umber
 •  Ultramarine Blue
 •  Cadmium Red, Naphthol Red, or Scarlet Lake
 •  Cadmium Yellow (medium or light) or Hansa Yellow
•  Brushes: A set of brushes, hog or synthetic, including sizes 2, 6, 8, and 10, or equivalent. Brights or Flats preferred.
•  Painting knife (equivalent to Dick Blick #44 or #6, Loew Cornell #12)

•  Drawing Pencil
•  Eraser
•  Sketch pad
•  Rags or Paper Towels (blue shop towels work well)
•  Palette (disposable or wooden)
•  Two containers with lids for solvent. (glass or metal)
•  One small container for medium

•  Nitrile gloves (keeps hands clean)
•  Additional painting supports (canvas, wood panels, oil painting paper)
•  Easel (if you have one available - these will be small paintings)

Instructor Provides: 
•  Wood Panels
•  Painting Medium
•  Paint thinner/Brush Cleaner


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