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Studio workshops are offered in the Winslow Art Center studio, upstairs in the Winslow Mall, downtown Bainbridge Island.
Pre-registration and payment are required for workshops. Registration may be made online or by contacting us at 206-715-6663.

Modern Impressionism-In-Action

Colley Whisson

Colley will ensure that each student has the fundamentals to produce paintings with powerful light effects, loose brushwork and a sensitivity to our subject. Colley will be focusing his attention on tone, composition, brushwork, color saturation and paying special attention to the importance of edges. Colley will employ a step-by-step process allowing all students the best chance to see the way a painting is constructed. His workshop will be conducted in a positive and uplifting manner. Students of ALL skill levels in OIL & ACRYLIC are welcome. website

Instructor: Colley Whisson
Thursday - Sunday, August 17 - 20
Cost: $650
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The Pastel Landscape, from Plein Air to Studio

Lyn Asselta, PSA, IAPS MC

This 3-day workshop will focus on gathering information through field sketches, small plein air paintings and color studies that will be used as your inspiration for further studio work. We will utilize the basics of composition and color in the field to inform and create more expressive, meaningful pieces in the studio. website

Instructor: Lyn Asselta
Friday - Sunday, August 25 - 27
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cost: $395
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Photography as Source for the Artist: Possibilities and Perils

Amy D'Apice

Many, if not most, artists use photography at some point as source material for their work. Thanks to technology, cameras, and the internet, we have a wealth of visual resources. Unfortunately, art based on photographic images is often overworked, excessively detailed, and can look like a photographic copy. This multi-media drawing workshop explores multiple strategies and techniques encouraging the use of photographic source as a springboard, rather than a restriction, for self expression. Using lecture, discussion, demos, critique, and drawing techniques, this intensive course teaches students how to use photographic reference as the point of departure for creativity.


  • How to interpret rather than copy
  • Applying the lessons learned from working in the real world
  • Creative editing and embellishing
  • Inventing color when using black and white photographs
  • Why working from a bad photograph can be a good idea
  • Why you can’t trust photos to tell the “truth”
  • Photoshoots and basic photo manipulation techniques


Instructor: Amy D'Apice
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 12 - 13
9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $295
All Levels
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Exploring the Light of Tonalism

Patrick Howe

A tonalist landscape painting typically portrays a twilight sky setting behind hills, meadows and trees, filling the painting with solitude and peaceful warmth. Some have even said that Tonalism carries the fragrance of the spiritual dimension. Tonalism began in 1880’s with the explorations of George Inness, James McNeil Whistler and others. In this workshop you will learn how to create a tonalist color palette, and how to simplify your compositional structure in the tonalist manner. In a friendly and nonjudgemental classroom environment there will be a balance of structured lessons with a flexibility that accommodates the natural pace and expression of each student. There will be demonstrations at each stage, long and short painting exercises, and a brief historical summary of tonalism. Although tonalism originated with landscape painting, you will also learn how it can be applied to still life and urban subjects. By the end of this workshop, you will have received all the knowledge you need to paint in the tonalist style. Workshop

Instructor: Patrick Howe
Saturday and Sunday, November 18 & 19, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cost: $295
All levels
(Paint in oils or acrylics)
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